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The iTP Annual Networking Event 2020

December 17th - 18th, 2020 from 2.00 - 5.00 PM @ Chamlong Building, Faculty of Tropical Medicine

Our Activities

iTP provides networking opportunities for MORU network researchers including Faculty of Tropical Medicine (FTM) and Oxford Researchers to engage and connect with other individuals. 

The event includes: ​​

  • Translational Research Funding Opportunities​

  • The Better Health Programme​

  • Tip and Trick to WIN the fund 

We have invited guest speakers from ​Oxford University and the British Embassy to join us.

Our Virtual Guidelines

​For those who will be joining us on Zoom...

  • Please mute your microphone during the session​

  • For Oral Presentation, the speaker will have 10 minutes for presentation and another 5 minutes for Q&A

  • For Poster Presentation, the speaker will provide a 5-minute presentation to the attendees as they take turn joining each breakout room 

  • For our Q&A​ session, you can raise your hand then unmute yourself to ask a question or if preferred, post your question in the chat box

Meet Our Guest Speakers

Red Christmas Wreath

MAEMOD Rooftop, 11th fl. @ Chamlong Building

Mingle & Tingle - Aperitif & Christmas Party!

Our Event Gallery

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