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Implementation and evaluation of a LMIC designed cloud-based digital ICU registry with real-time feedback in a novel South Asian setting; Pakistan

Principal Investigator : Arjen Dondorp, Malaria

Project Status : Completed


Project Summary

​There is growing demand for acute and critical care services globally. In lower- and middle-income countries (LMICs) these services are rapidly becoming more available. However, what is missing from these services is proper data on patient outcome. The lack of reliable granular and setting specific data hinders analysis efforts. In high income countries (HIC) intensive care registries consisting of continuous surveillance system generate data that is vital in providing information for prediction modelling that can be used for benchmarking and trend forecasting. Importantly these data are also used for evaluating the efficacy of treatment. In the 8 South East Asian countries only one has a single intensive care registry.  Investment in these types of registries have faced some concern over their sustainability, feasibility, and cost. And experience from HIC have shown them difficult to implement. A group consisting of Clinicians and researchers in Sri Lanka developed the Network for Improving Critical Care systems and Training (NICST), it is a digital platform that combines mobile data entry with visual analytics from critical care facilities nationwide. Using a unique patient identifier to link episodic history, demographics, diagnoses, procedures and comorbidities are captured and described in real-time using common terminology. This project aims at implementing the NICST ICU system in Pakistan.

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