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MOTIP Call For EOI 2023

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The EOI call 2023 round 1 is closed. 

3 types of MOTIP funds/awards

ITP Award


The main goal of the ITP award is to create a clear pathway for research projects to fulfill their translational potential. We want to work with projects that have the potential to provide positive local and global health impacts.  We hold biannual funding calls where we award between 3 and 5 projects up to £50,000. During the 1-year award, the ITP team will be providing constant support as projects develop and progress along the translational research pipeline. More about the application process can be found in the apply section of this page.

Technical support acceleration (TSA) Funding


The technical support acceleration funding is a special type of funding that is separate from the ITP award and can be awarded on an ad hoc basis by the ITP team, with post approval from the POC committee.  These are most commonly given, but not limited to, projects that are seeking to navigate specific technical issues.  TSA funding can be granted at any time during the year and isn't does not have an application deadline. The process of securing TSA funding begins with a discussion with the ITP, where the key problems are identified as well as strategies for overcoming them. A set of deliverables and milestones will be agreed upon by the ITP team and the team which form the basis of the progress reporting that will occur throughout the funding period. TSA funding is limited to £15,000 over a six month period and is limited to 1 project per year. One of the major advantages of TSA funding is the speed at which it’s delivered and the specificity of the goals. We believe having established goals and a clear timeline allows the researchers the most effective path for achieving their goals.

Early Career Innovator Award (ECIA)

This new fund is targeted to promising PhD students and Post-docs who need funding for pilot studies to evaluate the viability of their translational research ideas. The major aim of the grant is to foster creativity and to have researchers and scientists thinking about translational research potential from early on in their careers.  They will be given a small funding award to cover the costs of the research to further explore their idea.

The term translational research can be quite broad, the classic motto of bench to bedside aptly describes the process. The idea in its simplest form is to take advancements made in the lab to produce new drugs, medical devices, diagnostic options, or new intervention strategies, with the end goal of bringing a product to market. With this in mind, this grant aims to facilitate the very early stages of this process. We look to fund the first evaluation of an idea that has translational research potential.

More details --> [ECIA]

Intellectual Property


One of our major avenues of support is the management and protection of intellectual property (IP). An essential but often overlooked part of project development is IP. Without proper IP protection and management, serious issues may arise at a later date that may prevent any project from making the most of its idea. By ensuring that any IP produced is properly managed and protected we preemptively work to prevent any bottlenecks in the later stages of translation pipeline. We have designated funds for IP management and protection services available that are separate from the fund awarded to each project. 

Business Development


One of our key goals is developing ideas and projects to the point where they are businesses that are capable of running sustainably and independently of the ITP program. During the long and arduous process of becoming a business, or delivering a product to market the ITP will be there to offer support every step of the way. We start by developing an initial business plan with a focus on maximizing the impact of the research. By constantly communicating we are able to navigate changes in the landscape, which allows us to actively pivot and maintain an effective course towards translation and impact.  

Regulatory Expertise


The landscape of health care is constantly changing. As technology continues to progress, the regulations that govern these emerging fields are rapidly changing and evolving.  The ITP is committed to staying knowledgeable and current with any and all regulations that can affect the projects we help.  By staying current, we allow the researchers and projects to focus solely on their work, and we can inform them of any changes they might have to make. 

Twice a year we launch Expression of Interest calls where researchers are encouraged to send in their ideas for research with high translational and impact potential. These EOI are short forms submitted online that give a brief outline of the idea or project. Then a meeting is arranged with the researcher where goals are discussed, and a plan can start to be developed. Suitable projects will then be asked to submit full applications which include detail list of achievable milestones with suitable timelines, literature review, and a budget. The projects are then reviewed first by the ITP oversight committee, then sent to experts for review. If accepted then funding will be granted. Per six-month funding cycle, between 3 and 5 projects are funded. We continue to work with and help develop projects that don’t initially receive funding.


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