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Claudia Turner

The Baby Resuscitation Trainer



The Baby Resuscitation Training system (BaRT) is a digital solution that can help health workers learn how to administer correct ventilation technique, build muscle memory, and foster competency and confidence in neonatal resuscitation. The device measures, collects, and displays data on ventilation pressure and rate on a tablet or phone in real time, providing the user with immediate feedback and recommendations. By regularly practising with the BaRT system, health workers are able to maintain neonatal resuscitation skills that can save lives.  

In low-resource settings like Cambodia, however, the lack of neonatal resuscitation practise and follow-up training means skills are not being maintained and lives are being lost. Therefore, Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) Biomedical Engineer Peter Boyer and Healthcare Management Consultant Claudia Turner led development of an innovative and sustainable solution to reduce neonatal mortality due to breathing-related deaths: the Baby Resuscitation Training system (BaRT). 

iTPA has been supporting the development of BaRT since 2019. Currently, BaRT is in the phase 3 of testing BaRT device and application version 3.0 with rural health worker in the health care facilities in Cambodia and working closely with iTPA team on implementation plan for the system being developved and replicated in low-resource settings around the world, helping millions of newborns take their first breath.


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