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Web-based application for drug dose optimisation

Principal Investigator :  Palang Chotsiri

Project Status : Completed


Project Summary

The rise of antibiotic-resistant microbes can, in part, be attributed to the overprescription and the incorrect prescription of antibiotics. Here in Thailand, a large part of this is due to the lack of tight regulation that exists around the prescribing of antibiotics. In many cases, sick patients will forgo the hospital, due to time and cost, and instead opt for picking up antibiotics at the local pharmacy, without a diagnosis. The pharmacist often will prescribe one of several antibiotics in an attempt to help the patient. And yet without a proper diagnosis, the wrong antibiotic can often be prescribed. When in cases of the correct antibiotics being given, it can often be in the wrong dose. Relying on these types of treatments lead to poor patient outcomes while also contributing to the larger problem of antibiotics resistant microbes. Thus this project aims to develop a web-based application that will act as a central database of information on all the antibiotics available in Thailand. The public domain platform will provide optimal dosing strategies for both adults and children that will help treat the patient. In developing this web application we hope to both improve the treatment that is received by the community by ensuring they receive the optimal antibiotic, while also slowing the rate of antibiotic resistant microbes.

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