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End to End Data Pipeline (E2E)

Principal Investigator : Richard Maude, Epidemiology

Project Status : Completed


Project Summary

Policy makers mainly rely on research publications as their primary source of new research findings, but in many cases, policy relevant results are time sensitive and would have a much greater impact on policy had the results been released earlier. Currently the median time to publication is 2 years, which means that policies won’t be made using the most up to date information.  This is particularly important in policy relating to epidemiology where situations and patterns of the disease are prone to rapid change. And being able to the see the latest data would inform control and treatment strategy.  With an eye on this problem, the Maude team are developing an end to end pipeline that would deliver interim, pre-publication data to the relevant policy makers. The pilot would be built on research projects already collecting demographic and travel data from people with malaria in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. The system would then deliver results to the National Malaria Control programmes (NMCP) that will then be able to make up to date and informed decisions on the appropriate interventions and identify sources of spread.  The smartphone application will be used to collect field data that will then be processed and analyzed to provide near real time feedback.

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